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Empower Other Women By Donating Your Eggs?

There are many reasons women might require donor eggs and how your donation could help.

Sometimes a medical condition or illness is preventing them from using their own eggs.

For example, women who have undergone treatments for cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, might find the treatment has caused damage that means that they no longer produce eggs. Other women might have repeatedly tried and failed IVF with their own eggs and come to accept that they will have to use donor eggs. Congenital conditions are also common, with patients seeking donor eggs because they were born with absent or underdeveloped ovaries. A large number of women who seek donor eggs are women who are over the age of 40 and are no longer producing viable quality eggs themselves.

In every case donated eggs have the power to help women overcome their obstacles and empower them to achieve the previously unachievable. Two or three months of appointments for you, the donor, could mean a lifetime of happiness for a previously infertile woman.

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