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 Why donate at our Canterbury clinic?

      Egg donors are in huge demand, thankfully, more and more women are coming forward to help.  If you wish to join other like minded women and make a huge difference to someone’s life, contact us on 0207 299 9546.

  • Our donor bank is located in The London Women’s Clinic Kent on St. Dunstans street, just a short walk away from Canterbury town center and Canterbury West railway station.
72 St. Dunstans Street
Canterbury CT2 8BL

Join us at an egg donor information session

Find out all you need to know about egg donation in the UK at one of our donor information sessions.

Meet our egg donors

Each of our donors has thier own story to tell about their decision to become an egg donor and help a childless couple. Sam, Angela and Lisa are three of our donors who have told us why they decided to donate eggs.

Donor compensation

Egg donors are now compensated with a fixed sum of £750 per cycle of donation.

Egg donation step by step

You may have many questions about how the process of donating eggs works. We have put together an FAQs page, as well as a step-by-step guide to help you.

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