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About us

The London Egg Bank was opened in 2013 by the team behind the London Women’s Clinic and London Sperm Bank to encourage egg donation in the UK. The London Women’s Clinic, established in 1985, pioneered the concept of egg sharing, a technique which made donor eggs available from women having IVF and reduced the number of women on waiting lists for egg donors.

However, despite our success with egg sharing and the opportunities for egg donation from overseas schemes, demand for donor eggs in the UK still outstrips supply. The London Egg Bank aims to increase the number of women coming forward as egg donors. A greater number of domestic egg donors will reduce the need for UK patients to go overseas for treatment.

The London Women’s Clinic and London Sperm Bank both have strong reputations for providing fertility treatments which are both effective and sensitive to the needs of their individual patients. Now, by bringing these skills and experience to egg donation, a traditionally difficult area of reproductive medicine is set to gain in terms of success, convenience and resources.


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