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The London Women’s Clinic and the London Egg Bank are collaborating with the University of Cambridge to embark on a series of research studies looking at the feelings, thoughts and experiences of women (and couples) thinking about or going through IVF, egg freezing, and/or egg donation. We would love to hear from you if you would consider taking part in this research. 

Why take part in research?

All of our research projects are completely voluntary and independent from your treatment. There is absolutely no obligation to take part. If you do take part, you can be reassured that anything you tell the research team will be kept completely confidential and anonymous – it will never be shared with the clinical team or with anyone else in any identifying manner.

At the end of the study, our results will be published as academic research papers which will, we hope, lead to more accurate media and public debates about fertility issues, to better-informed policy-making on assisted reproduction and fertility treatments, and to clinical improvements in the quality of service, support and care provided for patients. We will also strive, where appropriate, to translate our findings in ways that may be helpful and informative to women and men who find themselves in similar situations in the future.

What are the pros and cons of taking part in research?

There are no direct pros and cons, though most research participants find it a very positive experience. Many feel that telling their stories to a researcher is a way to unburden themselves and also to help others in a similar situation. You may also find that the research process helps you understand yourself better and enables you to consider more aspects of your experience.

 What can I expect?

Most of our research studies are interview-based. This means that once you agree to take part, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with a researcher at a time and a place that is convenient for you. You will be asked some questions (about your experiences, thoughts and feelings) and given the opportunity to tell us whatever is important to you. The interviews usually last about an hour, and with your permission, we will voice record them.


The research team is led by Dr Zeynep Gurtin. If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas, you can contact her at: zeynep.gurtin@londoneggbank.com.

If you would consider taking part in one of our research studies, please complete this form and someone from the research team will be in touch with more information.

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