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AMH, ovarian reserve and egg donation

10 Apr 2019
Egg donation

Women with low levels of AMH indicate low levels of follicles and produce lower levels of immature eggs. It is very normal for an older woman to have a lower AMH level because it is a known fact that both the health of the follicles and the number of follicles declines over time.

Women with many small follicles, typical in women with PCOS, usually have higher than normal levels of AMH. A test result of a very high AMH may indicate PCOS and is also used to determine excessive or poor response to ovarian hyperstimulation (hCG trigger shot/IVF preparation).

Our doctors use this test result to determine if you would respond well to stimulation during the egg donor program. However, it is important to remember that even If you are not accepted as a donor based on your AMH results, there is still a chance you will go on to have a baby of your own!

Regardless of results if you apply to become an egg donor, we offer to follow up consultations to ensure that you fully understand the implications ( if any) of all tests we carry out, including infectious and genetic screening tests.