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My egg donation experience

I had never really thought about egg donation before until a friend of mine advised she couldn't naturally conceive, me being a very empathetic person it sat on my mind for days.... What would she do? How will she have the chance of being a mother one day? Could I help?

After much research I found that I actually could make a difference to someone's life as I'm sure someone will help my friend one day when she decides the time is right. For now I wanted to help someone. I called The London Egg Bank and was put through to Toyin who deals with potential donors. After a few questions were exchanged on the phone we made an appointment to meet for a medical background and characteristic check. I came off the phone feeling great about it. I’d already made that step towards enriching someone's life with parenthood. It only got better from there.

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My egg donation story

I think the ability to conceive is often taken for granted; the progression into parenthood is seen a natural rite of passage and an integral part of our functionality as humans, our resolute purpose. When you stop and think what if? That's when it feels as though there's suddenly a void, as though you've been robbed.

............I'll soon be able to know whether or not anyone has successfully used my eggs and I'm so excited! I understand that some people have moral issues with it because you're giving away your genetic material but in reality the woman that receives your egg is the real mother to that child. She gives your donation warmth and food and love to change your egg into a baby. I'd recommend it to anyone considering it; it's a small inconvenience for the opportunity to change someone's life.

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