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Everything you need to know about donating your eggs

10 Apr 2019
Egg donation

We do want to hear from you. Taking such a step and sacrificing your time, energy and eggs for another human being is a major undertaking and not for everyone.

It’s not possible to say that there’s a type of woman who wants to become an egg donor but there are some obvious things they do have in common besides a desire to help others. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, all our egg donors are healthy and fertile. Secondly, you have to be clear minded, committed and ready for what you are about to do. If you are planning to donate your eggs you should be prepared for a myriad of questions about your health and family health as well as screening tests to establish your viability.

The London Egg Bank offers implications counselling to all donors to provide an emotionally safe place in which to explore what your donation involves and the lasting implications for you and those close to you.

It’s important you as a donor understand that your participation and donation is always your decision. These are major considerations and egg donors have to make these decisions alone, without any pressure from others. The job of the clinic is to make sure you are properly informed and will make a suitable, reliable candidate throughout the programme. You should feel well equipped to make the most informed decision about your participation in the program.

The process of donating your eggs

From start to finish, donating your eggs takes around six weeks. We have to thoroughly examine the results of the screening tests to determine suitability before you can donate. If accepted into the donor programme, you can expect to start the donation on your next monthly cycle with the donation itself taking approximately two weeks to complete. The duration of time it takes depends on your availability for appointments and, in the case of fresh egg donation, the synchronisation or coordination of your cycle and the cycle of the recipient. Throughout the program, you will be responsible for administering your stimulation injections, but the clinic will want to see you frequently to see how the eggs are developing, support you and answer your questions. When the time comes, they will call you into the clinic for an egg retrieval procedure. The egg collection takes place under general anaesthetic and is the climax of the whole egg donation experience. The egg collection process usually takes about 15-20 minutes. It is important that you have a friend or family member that is 18 or overtake you home as you would have been under sedation during the procedure. After egg collection, donors often say that they have a huge feeling of achievement.

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge that this isn’t the end of the process for donors. The London Egg Bank will ask you to come in for a follow-up consultation shortly after the egg collection and during this appointment, you are able to ask our doctors specific questions about your donation cycle including whether the recipient has had a successful live birth adding to your well-earned sense of accomplishment.

Most egg donors find great satisfaction knowing that women who could never have gotten pregnant naturally, have been pregnant because of their valiant efforts and sacrifice. Donating your eggs can be an amazing personal experience that will enrich your life and the lives of others, but is also a deeply personal choice. If you have chosen to give the gift of life and want to know more about how to become an egg donor then contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch with more information.