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Why should I attend Egg Freezing 101 seminar?

02 Aug 2019
Egg freezing

Egg Freezing 101 Event


London Egg Bank is inviting you to their monthly Egg Freezing 101 Event!

If you’re concerned for the future, you’re not alone. You may find yourself at a point in your life where you feel pressure on all sides to begin thinking about having children. Maybe that pressure comes from family, friends or society itself. But you’re not ready to settle down, maybe you’re busy with a great career, or maybe your romantic partner doesn’t want children yet.

 Men have a different kind of fertility than women, they produce sperm throughout their life, but women will only ever have a finite amount of eggs. After the age of 36, the quality of these eggs decreases at an alarmingly drastic rate. So, what to do?

Egg freezing takes the pressure off, it empowers you to give yourself a safety net that will allow you to go ahead and make important strides in your career and relationships without the constant pressure of conceiving at the right time.

The London Egg Bank has a long history of helping and working with women to guide and advise them through their egg freezing journeys. The new technology that we have to preserve fertility for women has garnered consistently good results – and now we’re inviting you to take part.


Why should I attend an egg freezing event if I’m on the fence?

Our events are designed to answer the important questions, this is not a ‘final step’ before egg freezing, this is a time to meet the experts and hear what other women have to say.

Some of the big topics that we will be covering:

  • How to measure your fertility
  • Why women freeze their eggs
  • The benefits of freezing your eggs
  • The process and how we freeze eggs
  • Funding your egg freezing cycle and our 'Freeze and Share' programme
  • What happens when you want to use your frozen eggs


You may have a list of questions yourself or maybe you hadn’t even considered it before. Please don’t hesitate to ask our team and get your answers.

Before you make important life decisions, you need 100% of the information and what the future may look like if you decide to go through with it. Thousands of women every year benefit greatly from freezing their eggs for later life, but you may decide it’s not for you – and that’s okay!

We’re here to give advice no matter where you are on your journey.

Most importantly, we have a glass of Prosecco and some yummy snacks for our attendees!


Where are we?

We are located in London Bridge, just opposite Borough Market. We’re very easy to spot with our big, round glass windows.


1 St Thomas Street

London Bridge, London SE1 9RY


Anyone and everyone thinking of freezing their eggs, or interested in their personal fertility, is welcome to attend!

Not to mention, every attendee is eligible for a 40% discount on a fertility assessment, which is the first step in your egg freezing program.

Places are limited and we fill up quite fast, so secure your tickets with us today!

For any other questions, you can contact info@londoneggbank.com.