Meet our Donor Recruitment Coordinator - London Egg Bank


Meet our Donor Recruitment Coordinator

16 Jul 2019
Egg donation

Meet one of our amazing Donor Recruitment Coordinators Dominika Kwiatkowska – Dominika has been working in our donor bank for 4 years and during her career has met thousands of potential donors. Dominika has a super approachable personality and is passionate about travelling and being outdoors.  We asked her what her job involves and what it is like to work in a donor bank and assist egg donors throughout the donation process.


Why did you decide to take on your role in donor recruitment at the London Egg Bank (LEB)?

I could only see myself working for a place that would make me feel like I am doing something for a good cause and feel rewarded at the end of the day.

For many patients using an egg donor may be their last chance to make their dream come true.  If we can make this happen for them, then that is the best outcome and to be a part of that is so rewarding.

Also, seeing and hearing about the struggle of our patients on a daily basis shows me that by being a part of a team of like-minded people, we can really change the perspective people have on the subject of egg donation and empower women by educating society.


What is your role at the London Egg Bank?

My priority at the LEB as a Recruitment Coordinator is to take care of our egg donors from the time they first apply for the programme until the day of their egg collection and beyond. I am with them every step of the way, answering their questions, explaining the process, organising their appointments, informing them about results and sometimes I even take them home after the egg collection.

We really value our donors’ efforts in being part of the programme and do everything possible to make the process as easy and simple as we can. Donors are doing such an amazing thing for other people and we do our very best to make sure they feel looked after.


Who are the LEB egg donors?

We are very fortunate that there are such remarkable women out there who would like to give others the chance to create a family and we are always incredibly grateful when they contact us about our donation programme.

I feel that there isn't such a thing as a 'standard' egg donor, every donor is unique in their own way. Also, as we are based in London we get to meet people from all over the world and our donors come from all kinds of backgrounds.

It’s always very interesting to hear the donors’ different stories and get to know who they are, their personality, and help and support them during all stages of the donation process.


What motivates egg donors to donate some of their eggs?

There can be variety of reasons why women decide to do this amazing thing for other people in need.

Often donors mention that they have witnessed friends or family members struggle with infertility and that’s what inspires them to apply and go through the process. Other donors may be mothers themselves and would like to give the same gift to others. We also have donors that have decided not to have children themselves but would still like to utilise their fertility to help someone else.

Regardless of their initial motivation, our egg donors are incredibly generous people who are willing to take the time and effort to help others create a family.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

No two days are the same at the LEB, we get to meet a lot of new people every day and hear donor and patient stories. It feels great to know that we are helping a lot of people in need and make it possible for their dream of a family to come true.

It's super inspiring to see how committed donors are to the process and how they feel that their gesture is truly precious because it will give others the chance for a family that they may not otherwise have.

Also it gives the whole team huge job satisfaction to watch donors go from feeling a little bit nervous from when they first begin the programme to being super happy and grateful to be able to empower other women at the end of the process.


What are the challenges of your work?

The most difficult thing is when we have to reject a donor's application. Many women apply for the programme not knowing a lot about it in the first place and are very excited and open to helping others so it’s very sad when we cannot take on a potential donor due to UK regulations surrounding egg donation, which include restrictions regarding a donor's age and personal and family medical history.

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