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My egg donation experience

09 Apr 2019
Egg donation

After much research, I found that I actually could make a difference to someone's life as I'm sure someone will help my friend one day when she decides the time is right. For now, I wanted to help someone. I called The London Egg Bank and was put through to Toyin who deals with potential donors. After a few questions were exchanged on the phone, we made an appointment to meet for a medical background and characteristic check. I came off the phone feeling great about it. I’d already made that step towards enriching someone's life with parenthood. It only got better from there.

At first, I had this crazy image in my head of being assessed in a white room with stern observation. Would I say something that they may judge wrongly? It was far from that, I spent a good hour introducing myself and my daughter to Toyin, and she made me feel very comfortable to be open about my life. I then had to complete a medical history form which asked questions about my medical history as well as members of my family. I then had an appointment with a doctor who double checked my medical history to make sure I was healthy. She then sent me for some blood tests, which was another fear I overcame because I wanted so badly to help someone.

It was all a very relaxed process and was very discreet. When the results of my infectious and genetic screening tests came back all fine, it gave me peace of mind to know that I was completely healthy and able to help. From then I started the programme and was put on the pill and given folic acid until my next period started. I then attend the clinic for a scan which checked my egg follicle progress and was shown how to give myself the stimulation injections. When I started the stimulation injections, I was surprised that the needle was TINY and thought all that worrying for nothing as I could barely feel it when my mum helped with my first injection.

I carried on the injections each evening while relaxed until the second week when I was given a second dose of injection each day to take. The needle for the second injections is slightly bigger but nothing to panic me now that I had overcome the fear of the thought of injections. I travelled back to the clinic about five times for scans over two weeks to check my eggs were developing nicely and was given a date for egg retrieval. At this point, they informed me that they had matched me with a recipient who will receive my eggs. Perhaps because I was on the stimulation hormones, I got a bit teary with joy. To know someone was possibly about to become a parent from the eggs I was donating…eggs that would never have become anything to me at that time was an amazing feeling.

The day of the egg retrieval came, and I wasn't even slightly worried as the doctor and staff there had been so welcoming and reassuring that I felt relaxed and trusted them as I knew I was in good hands....and I was. I was in the clinic for the egg collection for about 2 hours, although the collection itself only takes about 30 minutes I had to remain at the clinic while the sedation they gave me wore off. They collected 13 healthy eggs in total which was great. They even gave me a box of chocolates and thanked me. I was then given a taxi to take me home. I didn't have any problems or side effects. I am now considering joining the programme again in the future as my eggs were successful I couldn't have been more overwhelmed with the result and the care I was given from the clinic from start to finish.

Blog is written by a London Egg Bank donor