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My egg donation story

09 Apr 2019
Egg donation

I imagine that's how my brother and his wife felt after four years of trying. Thankfully their issues were resolved over time but the thought that they might have been unable to become the fantastic parents they are today makes my decision to donate a very easy one indeed.

I got in touch with the London Egg Bank after seeing an ad on Facebook. It wasn't the first advert I'd seen but they looked the most professional. After I applied they got back to me to arrange a consultation within a few days. I met with Toyin and she explained everything very clearly, including potential risks, legal rights and the general process. We arranged a follow up appointment with a doctor to assess my fertility, at which point I was asked to fill out a fairly extensive questionnaire on my family's medical history.

I was quite impressed with how quick it was, normally with anything clinical you're put on a waiting list and the whole thing can take months but I saw the doctor the following week for a vaginal ultrasound. Afterwards I gave a blood sample to test for both infectious and genetic diseases.

You have to be patient for the blood results; mine took seven weeks. Afterwards, I had another consultation with the doctor to complete consent forms and talk about the risk and implications of donating eggs as well as offered counselling. Once I was accepted into the program I was given my medication. This is in the form of self-administered hormone injections. I've never been scared of needles, so the main thing was just trying to remember to take them at the same time every night. I took them every day for a week, and in-between that time I had to visit the clinic for scans to ensure everything was okay. I had to be quite flexible during this period regarding as it is important that you can come in at least three times over the two week period for monitoring. Another downside is that sometimes the medication can make you a little moody because your hormones are being altered.

The day of the collection was pretty straight forward. When I arrived, I was taken to a private room for the egg collection procedure where there were loads of nurses and doctors waiting for me. It's amazing to think how much expertise goes into the procedure; there's no actual incision which makes the recovery really quick. When I woke up from the procedure, I was taken to the recovery room where I fell asleep straight away, because of the sedation. After a few hours, I woke up and felt completely refreshed. I thought I'd be a bit sore, but I wasn't at all. They then very kindly gave me a box of chocolates and ordered a taxi to take me home.

I'll soon be able to know whether or not anyone has successfully used my eggs and I'm so excited! I understand that some people have moral issues with it because you're giving away your genetic material but in reality the woman that receives your egg is the real mother to that child. She gives your donation warmth and food and love to change your egg into a baby. I'd recommend it to anyone considering it; it's a small inconvenience for the opportunity to change someone's life.

Blog is written by a London Egg Bank Donor