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Empower other women by donating your eggs?

2nd Nov 2016
Egg donation

There are many reasons women might require donor eggs and how your donation could help.

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AMH, ovarian reserve and egg donation

6th Oct 2016
Egg donation

A woman’s body contains millions of follicles at birth, but over time the number of follicles may decline. We use this test to measure the amount of growing follicles in the ovaries.

My egg donation story

1st May 2016
Egg donation

I've always known that I want children but being only 18 that was something I wasn't considering to act on until a lot further in the future.

Why egg donors are the unsung heroines of Hollywood

7th Mar 2016
Egg donation

There are few stories that spread quicker in the news that the announcement of a baby being born to a celebrity – and with female superstars in the spotlight more than ever in 2016, it’s become a regular pop-culture tradition that many of us happily subscribe to.

Why motive makes an egg donor

9th Feb 2016
Egg donation

It takes a single Google search of ‘what makes a good egg donor?’ to direct you to pages about the relevancy of physical and mental aptitude when considering becoming an egg donor. Qualifications, height, eye colour; such a multitude of information can be overwhelming and somewhat off-putting.