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Why Motive Makes An Egg Donor

10 Apr 2019
Egg donation

However, if we’re going to tell you anything about egg donation then let it be this: don’t be put off.

While many websites collate these attributes as ‘necessary’, we do things differently at the London Egg Bank. For us, so long as you are fit and healthy and no medical reasons are preventing you from donating – but the most important quality we look for is motive!

Donate because you want to

Egg donation begins with your motive; it’s the force that allows you to come forward and explore the possibility of becoming an egg donor. Whether you’re inspired by online research or you’ve sought a professional opinion from an egg bank – the specifics don’t matter. What truly matters is that all egg donors donate because they want to help altruistically.

Egg donation is a process that gives women struggling to have children a real chance of achieving the dream they thought was impossible. The best egg donors are fully aware of the life-changing impact they have on the lives of those who may have lost hope. So before worrying about physical attributes, acknowledge the positive difference you could make and let that be your motive. Donate because you want to give real happiness to someone who is struggling.

Knowing where you stand

Motive continues to be important because it gives rise to understanding. We value donors who not only know why they want to donate but are aware of the steps of the procedure and their involvement in the process as a whole.

Donating your eggs is no small feat; it requires a great deal of courage and selflessness. Courage doesn’t have to be fostered alone, so we take special care to support all our donors from their decision to become an egg donor until their collection day. Our nursing team is on hand 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have, as well as our fertility counsellors if you ever need any emotional reassurance surrounding your decision.

What if I’m still not sure?

Making a choice to be an egg donor should be something you’re decidedly clear on. You can find out more about an egg donor’s journey by reading testimonials from our donors here. If anything that you’ve read above sparks the thought, “Maybe I could donate? Maybe I could do this”, then maybe you really could! Even if you’re 51% sure, it’s worth calling us to put your hesitations to rest.

The truth is – you’ll never know if you’re a suitable egg donor until you find the motivation to come forward and investigate the possibility. If you’re interested in how you could change someone’s life, then don’t hesitate to enquire. We’re here to give information to anyone with a desire to take part – so don’t waste another moment trawling through web pages and FAQs; if you’re motivated then talk to us.