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Benefits of Donating Eggs

It is a wonderful gift to give to someone who wants to build their family. It can provide you with many benefits as well.

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Allow people to become parents who couldn't without your help

Donating your eggs is a very rewarding process as you can directly change the lives of others for the better. Many women who desperately want a family cannot conceive a child with their own eggs because of a variety of  infertility issues such as cancer treatment, age or poor egg quality. A woman with one or more of these fertility problems is usually perfectly able to successfully carry a child in her uterus, give birth to a healthy baby, and be a wonderful mother. 

Generous compensation

We'll compensate you £750 for each egg donation cycle that you complete. Your donor compensation will be quickly processed on the day of your treatment. So, although it’s an altruistic act, we make sure that you are covered for any expenses you incur while taking the time to donate. 

Free Fertility Health Check and Genetic Screenings

As part of the donor screening process, you will receive a full fertility assessment along with genetic tests. This information will give you a detailed picture of your fertility health and could give you valuable insight into how you should approach planning for a family of your own.


Quick and flexible programme to suit you

We’re not your typical egg donor programme; we are one of the biggest and most experienced frozen egg banks in Europe.  This means you can complete your frozen egg donation cycle in just two months and be compensated. This is so much more convenient than with other fresh cycle egg donor programmes where donors must wait to be chosen and wait to synchronize their menstrual cycles with the recipient's cycle.

We can also offer you flexible appointment times, including evening clinics and weekend appointments.

Our focus is you

You are our number one priority. We take thorough care of our donors and make sure to personalize the experience each donor has with us. From the very beginning, you’ll meet with one of our experienced egg donation coordinators, who’ll guide you through our simple egg donation process, and will be there for you throughout your journey.


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We honor your remarkable generosity and we treat you with the utmost care. We respect your schedule, health and well-being, and compensate you for your time and effort.