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Sarah’s story

Sarah shares every aspect of her egg donation experience

I decided to become an egg donor to provide others with the chance to create a family. I was anxious about the whole process, not knowing anything about it until I saw an ad online, but my very first trip to the London clinic the staff made me feel very comfortable and explained everything I would need to know. They made me feel at ease, and not rushed at all, so I had time to ask any questions I needed to. They also made sure to work the rest of my appointments around my work and lifestyle so I could attend with minimum hassle.

I was sent information after the first appointment as well, so if I forgot something or had another question, I could easily refer back to this information or send a quick email. Unfortunately, the first time I began the process I was unable to complete it due to unforeseen circumstances, but staff supported me to come back and re-start as soon as I was able to.

I did feel bloated and uncomfortable during the last couple of days, but I was expecting to, and it didn't last for long and wasn't painful! On the day of my appointment to donate, I went with a friend who could look after me afterwards. It was a pleasant experience, with very professional and kind staff. I felt next to no pain after and was able to go home as soon as I felt comfortable too. I was also given a box of chocolates to go home with - a very welcome present!

A few days later, I had an email checking up on me and making sure everything had gone well (which it had!), thanking me for my donation and inviting me to feel free to email for any further help. A few months later, I received an email asking if I wanted an update on my donation. I valued these follow-up emails, as it is not a light decision to make and it's comforting to know that the staff want to make you feel like they haven't forgotten about you.

Overall, a fantastic experience to do something so worthwhile, that could be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable but was calm. I would be more than happy to donate again and would encourage anyone else thinking about it!

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