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The egg donation process

We take a four-step approach from an initial discussion with our egg donation team to the final egg collection.

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Step 1

Your first visit to the clinic

You’ll meet with our egg donation coordinator to discuss the donor programme and review your suitability to take part.

Step 2

Fertility health check

You’ll be invited along to the clinic for a fertility assessment with one of our consultants, which involves a blood test to check your ovarian reserve and a pelvic ultrasound scan. This will help us assess your current fertility health and plan your personalised egg donation cycle.

Consent forms and screening tests

After seeing the consultant, you will be asked to fill in a number of consent forms and be sent for some screening tests including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C as well as some genetic tests to ensure there is no risk of passing on any hereditary diseases.

Step 3

Preparation for egg collection

From the start of your egg donation cycle, you will need to take small injections at home to stimulate your ovaries over a span of two weeks. During this time, you'll come in for several scans and blood tests to monitor your progress and adjust your medication if needed. Around 36 hours before your egg collection procedure you'll be asked to take a 'trigger' injection to mature your eggs.

Step 4

Egg collection

You’ll be sedated for around 30 minutes while your eggs are collected. Most women find the procedure painless and are completely fine to return to normal life the next day. We would advise that you have someone with you to accompany you home.

Deciding to donate

The decision to become an egg donor needs a great deal of thought. If you need more help to decide or have any questions, our experienced team of doctors, nurses and counsellors will be happy to talk.


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