Why donate with us? - London Egg Bank

Why donate with us?

We built London Egg Bank to promote egg donation and expand fertility choices. We’re here to support and focus on you during the donation process.

Our focus is you

You are our number one priority. We take thorough care of our donors and make sure you have a personalised, rewarding experience with us.

From the start you’ll meet with one of our experienced egg donation coordinators, who’ll guide you and support you through our simple egg donation process.

Fertility expertise

Our medical team have over 20 years’ experience in fertility, and our highly-qualified specialists will give you the very best care. We comply with all regulations set out by the Human Fertilisation Authority (HFEA), giving you peace of mind about our high standards.
We are trusted by thousands of women who have joined our donor programme, with more than 2,000 of you successfully meeting our criteria. Our donors come from a wide diversity of backgrounds, and every one is driven by the desire to help others.

20 Years Experience

Top locations

Our modern purpose-built facilities in central locations across the UK are easily accessible by public transport.

Convenient for you

We know that your life is busy, so we offer flexible appointment times, including evening clinics and weekend appointments. 

Bridge Reception
Harley St Reception

Fast and flexible programme

We are one of the biggest and most experienced frozen egg banks in Europe, which means we offer far more than a typical egg donor programme. This means you can complete your frozen egg donation cycle in just a couple of weeks and be immediately compensated.
Our convenient approach and dedication to frozen egg donation means you can donate without delay. In contrast a fresh cycle egg donor must wait to be chosen then synchronise treatment with a recipient, which can take up to six months.

Could you become an egg donor?

Your donation could make a real difference to another woman’s life. Your gift will give an infertile woman the chance of having a family that wouldn't be possible without your help. Apply today.


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