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Egg Freezing for Free (Webinar)

18th April 2024 at 17.30

Preserve your options for the future.

Whatever your reasons, if you think you might want a family someday but aren’t ready right now, egg freezing gives you the choice to decide when the time is right for you. Egg freezing is a way to preserve your eggs and put your fertility on hold so that you can still have a chance at the family you dreamed of.

Imagine an option in which you can freeze your eggs and help people build families who may not otherwise be able to do so.

In this webinar, we will discuss our unique programme Freeze and Share, which gives you an opportunity to freeze your eggs for free and at the same time give another family the chance to have the baby they are longing for. By taking part in our Freeze and Share programme, you’ll receive an egg-freezing cycle plus three years' storage free of charge. In exchange, you'll donate half the eggs collected from your treatment to London Egg Bank.

Practical topics covered include:

1) When is the "best" time in life to freeze your eggs

2) What kind of time commitment is involved

3) What is the egg-freezing experience like

4) How much does it cost and what novel pathways to cost savings?

We are specialists in egg freezing, having frozen over 50,000 eggs and thawed over 16,000. Our years of experience allow us to have a cumulative pregnancy success rate with frozen eggs of 74%, for patients 35 and under.

Join our Consultant in Reproductive Medicine Dr Priti Jain for a conversation on fertility health and fertility preservation.  

Priti Jain

Dr Priti Jain - Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Priti is a highly skilled clinician with extensive knowledge and over 10 years of experience. She underwent Fellowship in Assisted Conception at Edinburgh (EFREC). Subsequently, having worked in both NHS and Private Assisted Conception Clinics (Kingston ACU, Care Fertility & iTrust fertility), she has acquired extensive experience in all aspects including ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI using own gametes or donor gametes, Fertility Preservation, Egg Donation, Pre-implantation genetic testing. She is competent in all fertility procedures like Oocyte retrievals, Embryo Transfers, and HyCosy & Aqua scans.

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