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Egg Freezing for Free Webinar

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Preserve your options for the future.

At London Egg Bank, we are here to provide you with the best chance at conceiving a child in the future through egg freezing. Whatever your reasons, if you think you might want a family someday but aren’t ready right now, egg freezing gives you the choice to decide when the time is right for you. Egg freezing is a way to preserve your eggs and put your fertility on hold so that you can still have a chance at the family you dreamed of. Our unique freeze-and-share programme may allow you to be able to do this for free.

In this webinar will discuss all aspects of egg freezing including how we freeze your eggs through vitrification technology, as well as our innovative freeze and share programme. This programme gives you the opportunity to receive an egg-freezing cycle plus two years' storage free of charge in exchange for donating some eggs collected from your treatment to help people to build families who may not otherwise be able to do so.

We are specialists in egg freezing, having frozen over 40,000 eggs and thawed over 15,000. Our years of experience allow us to have a cumulative pregnancy success rate with frozen eggs of 74%, for patients 35 and under.

Join our fertility expert for a conversation on fertility health and fertility preservation.  

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