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What is egg freezing?

If you're not ready to start a family yet, egg freezing gives you the freedom to store your
healthy eggs for later use.

Take control of your future fertility

As you get older, your eggs will decline in quality and reduces the chance of having a baby. By freezing your eggs, you can preserve your fertility for the future. The age you are when you freeze your eggs is the age they will remain when you choose to use them.

Semen sample being analysed
Semen sample in frozen storage tanks

Freezing technology

Eggs are fast-frozen using a process known as vitrification which turns the eggs into a glass-like state. The advancement in technology speaks for itself. Eggs can now be frozen without damage, meaning that vitrified eggs once thawed are just as viable as fresh eggs.

This amazing technology was first developed to preserve the fertility of women undergoing treatment for health conditions. Today, it is most popular with women who want to keep their options open by preserving their fertility.

Egg Freezing Outcomes

Your chance of having a healthy and successful pregnancy using a fresh or frozen egg is almost the same.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has recently published a guide for patients considering egg freezing. You can read or download  the guide directly from the HFEA website.

Put your fertility on hold

Egg freezing is a way of preserving your eggs. They will stay the same age as when they were frozen.


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