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Why choose us?

The London Egg Bank is the first service in Britain to focus clearly on women who wish
proactively to make their own decisions about their fertility.

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Why choose the London Egg Bank?

  • The largest and most experienced egg bank in the UK with over 20,000 eggs in storage.
  • The highest recorded egg survival rates, over 90% in all age groups over the last 5 years and 96% in 2018.
  • Proven live births from frozen/thawed eggs (over 150 births recorded so far)
  • Renowned clinicians available during flexible hours including weekends.
  • Exquisite and secure storage facilities at the renowned London Women's Clinic.
  • “Freeze & Share” option for women who wish to freeze their eggs free of charge.

Amazing results

Using the latest evidence-based technology to ensure you the highest success rates, our lab-powered programme is making egg freezing more viable for women everywhere. In 2018 our egg survival rate was 96%. When it comes to egg vitrification, the proof is in our results.

Survival Rate

The largest egg bank in the UK

Most clinics aren’t able to tell you how many babies have been born from eggs frozen in their laboratories. However, as the largest egg freezing programme in the UK, we can report over 150 babies have been born through our clinic from frozen eggs. So far in storage, we have over 20,000 frozen eggs ready to be used when our patients are ready to start a family.

20,000 Eggs Frozen

World-class experts

Working with our partners the London Women's Clinic, we can provide over 30 years experience in fertility with consultants and embryologists from all over the world. Our high-tech laboratory on Harley Street brings the most advanced technologies in IVF, genetic testing and cryopreservation. 

Harley Street lounge
Harley Street reception

Fitting in with you

To give you the flexibility to attend the clinic when it’s convenient for you, we offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments.


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