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Fertility Health Assessment

Although fertility declines with age for all women, this affects each of us in slightly different ways. Age can allow an approximation of our fertility levels, but if you want to make informed choices about your fertility options, both now and in the future, a Fertility Health Assessment can provide you with valuable, specific information that is relevant for you. 

Our comprehensive Fertility Assessment includes:

1.  An AMH blood test

  • The Anti Mullerian hormone (AMH) is secreted by your developing egg sacs (follicles) and provides the most accurate indication of how many eggs you have left (your ovarian reserve).
  • This test can be done on any day of your cycle. We recommend that you book your AMH test with the clinic 1 week before your scan, so the doctor can have your results ready to discuss. Alternatively, if you already have a recent AMH test (within the last year), you can simply book your scan and come along with these results.

2. An Ultrasound Scan to check your uterine health and to determine your Antral Follicle Count

  • The transvaginal ultrasound is used to check the health of the uterus, ovaries and follicles. The clinician will look at the development of the uterine lining, the blood supply, and check if there are any uterine polyps, fibroids, or ovarian cysts (which may cause problems for fertility).
  • The Antral Follicle Count is obtained by the clinician counting your follicles (which are visible by ultrasound) and provides more information about your ovarian reserve.
  • The ultrasound takes approximately 20 minutes, is painless, and can be done on any day of your cycle.

3. A consultation to review your medical and family history and to discuss your options

  • You will have a chance to talk in detail with the clinicians about your medical and family history and to discuss any implications of these on your fertility. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and to explore different options as appropriate. 
  • After a Fertility Health Assessment, you will have detailed information about your current levels of fertility, including your ovarian reserve and your uterine health, allowing you to make better-informed reproductive decisions.
  • Based on these results, you can discuss with our clinicians whether Egg Freezing is right for you, as well as exploring other routes (such as single motherhood using donor sperm) that you might be considering. Our clinicians can tell you about your personal options, based on your fertility levels, and will be able to suggest an individually-tailored approach. 
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