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Egg freezing


Women's frozen eggs storage limit in UK

28th Jan 2019

Recently, the fertility experts and campaigners put pressure on the government to change the law about the length of time women can store their frozen eggs. Currently, this storage time limit is ten years for women who freeze their eggs for social reasons.

The London Egg Bank together with the London Women’s Clinic, we are the largest provider of egg freezing in the UK, and we believe this storage limit needs to change. We welcome this debate to increase the length of time beyond ten years.

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Women With Cup

Why it’s important to study the social aspects of reproductive technologies

9th Nov 2018

Dr Zeynep Gurtin, researcher from our partner clinic tells us about her current research on egg freezing and why it’s important to study the social aspects of reproductive technologies.

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How flash-freezing is revolutionizing fertility treatment

11th Oct 2018

The flash-freezing technique of vitrification is rapidly proving a revolution in assisted reproduction.