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The UK's anomalous 10-year limit on oocyte storage: time to change the law

Early Menopause can happen a lot sooner than you think

10 Apr 2019

'Peter Bowen-Simpkins, Jinjun J Wang, Kamal K Ahuja

There has been a growing recognition in the UK that the statutory storage limit for frozen eggs, which currently stands at 10 years, requires a review. The UK regulator, the Human and Embryology Authority (HFEA), has recognized the problem and the Equality and Human Rights Commission is also sympathetic with the demand to change the current legislation. There is also strong desire on the part of (ART) professionals and patients to change the current guidelines. For many women, the available alternatives of transporting their eggs to an overseas destination or having them fertilized with donor sperm and then stored as embryos is objectionable.

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