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Why I’m freezing my eggs

Why I’m freezing my eggs

02 Aug 2019
Egg freezing

Spoiler: It’s not because I want children, necessarily

The decision to freeze eggs is not one that you rush. It’s a big move and many women make it for various reasons, but most commonly – for time. It’s difficult to plan life out and even harder to know when you’ll be ready to start your own family. Personal relationships, work and finances – all these factors and more can make you feel like you’re not ready for a child yet.

Egg freezing, as explored in the article written by Allyson Darling's, gives women options. Author writes about her egg freezing journey, very honest and interesting inside into this process. Read more about Allyson Darling’s journey.

This wasn’t about my future children, necessarily. This wasn’t about dating being hard or living in San Francisco or not settling down. This was about something my straight male counterparts have the privilege of that I don’t—time.