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Egg Donor Consultation & Treatment Costs

We understand that the cost of a donor egg cycle can be a substantial financial commitment. We offer affordable and transparent pricing to make it easier to plan and budget for your treatment.

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See below for a breakdown of the costs associated with a donor egg treatment cycle.  Please note that a full personalised cost of treatment, including the cost of medication, will be given to you during your initial consultation appointment.

LEB recipient consultation  
  • Consultation with a fertility specialist
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan
  • Counselling for implications or support
  • Pre-search consultation with our donor matching expert to understand your personal criteria
  • Customised comprehensive search and list of all available donors meeting your criteria
  • Access to hard to find egg donors and access to the largest database of UK Recruited donors
  • Ongoing support and case management
Egg donor recruitment and cycle fees  
  • Egg donor recruitment 
  • Egg donation administration and co-ordination fee
  • Egg donor treatment cycle (including medication)
  • Screening tests and compensation payment for the egg donor
  • Egg collection and egg freezing 
Egg donation treatment costs  
  • 6 frozen donor egs
  • Preparation and culture of eggs and sperm
  • Extended (5 day) embryo culture to blastocyst stage
  • ICSI
  • One βhcg pregnancy blood test
  • One viability pregnancy scan or review consultation in the event of a negative outcome
  • Embryo cyropreservation (if applicable)
  • Embryo storage for 1 year (if applicable)
  • Extended (5 day) embryo culture to blastocyst stage
  • Time lapse monitoring of embryos

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