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Personalised donor search

The search for an egg donor was once a daunting task. There were few donors available and waiting lists in the UK were long. But all that changed with the introduction of fast-freeze vitrification and the revolution of safely freezing donor eggs. Now, the London Egg Bank not only has the store of eggs available for immediate use, but can help with your choice and treatment every step of the way. Our personalised egg donor search service makes choosing the right donor simpler than it has ever been.

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More than just a search service

The London Egg Bank’s treatment programmes begin at one simple point and with one simple concept: you,the patient, who lies at the centre of everything we do. Our programmes have evolved not just on the back of medical progress but also on the feedback of our egg donation patients.

This allowed us to introduce a personalised search service, to help you with every step of your egg donation programme, from finding the most suitable donor to ensuring that the treatment itself progresses smoothly from the moment you contact us.

Our personalised search services offers:

A dedicated expert

As a London Egg Bank patient you will be provided with an expert in egg donor selection to help guide you through the process of choice and donor matching. While all our donors are regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), your dedicated expert can provide extended information that is not available in our online catalogue. With years of experience and access to the largest number of UK-recruited donors in Europe, we are confident of finding the most suitable donor for you.

Customised search

Our donor matching experts have an unrivaled track record in finding donors often listed as "hard to find", such as specific education levels, Asian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, East Indian, African and mixed-race egg donors. By trusting us with your donor search, we can reduce stress and ensure you start your fertility journey without delay and with the right donor for you.

Emotional support

Egg donation is never a straightforward treatment for infertility. Most patients are those who for various reasons are unable to provide the eggs they need for natural conception and have had many questions to face before deciding on treatment. We recognise the emotional difficulties which egg donation implies and provide support to help you think through the many decisions you will need to make along the way.

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