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Partner with the largest donor eggs bank in the UK

Partner with one of the world's largest banks of egg donors, and give your patients the freedom of choice. We have over 30 years' expertise in donor egg IVF. We’re the only dedicated egg bank in the UK, with an extensive database of frozen donated eggs, and the leading provider of egg donation in London.


We're the UK’s first and largest frozen egg bank, with over 30 years' experience in donor egg IVF. There are many benefits for your patients in joining us:

Wide range of UK recruited donors

Our donors have been recruited in our UK centres and come from various backgrounds.

Their donated eggs have been cryopreserved, placed in storage and are available for immediate use. This means you don't have to synchronise patients' cycles with the donor’s cycle, so patient can start treatment as soon as they wish. Browse our donor database

Online 24/7 Donor Database

Patients can choose a donor from the comfort of their home using the non-identifiable information provided on

our online database. We provide information about their physical characteristics, medical history and also about their personality and interests. Browse our donor database

All donor ethnicities available

We can provide a wide ethnic diversity of egg donors; we regularly upload profiles from hard-to-find ethnicities, including black and Asian. 

Dedicated Egg Donation clinic

Your patients will have access to a dedicated team of consultants and nurses who are solely focuses on egg donation and treatment with donor eggs

We have 30 years' experience in Egg Donation

Local UK treatment

Your patients don't have to travel abroad; treatment is available in London or one of our UK clinics

High Success Rates

We have one of the highest numbers of egg freezing and thawing cycles with donor eggs in the UK.

As a dedicated egg bank, we manage the whole egg donation process to ensure the highest quality of eggs. As a result, our success rates are among the best on record, with over 90% egg survival rate after freezing and above 70% cumulative pregnancy rates per cycle. See our success rates.

Personalised Care

We offer personalised and flexible solutions for your patients

They will be assigned a personal treatment coordinator, who will organise their treatment and help them each step of the way with egg donation in London. 

Secured UK Legislation

The HFEA set standards for quality and safety, providing security for your patients

The HFEA is one of the best regulatory frameworks in the world, providing patients with transparent success rates and pricing, and high-quality care. A maximum 10 families can be created from a single donor. Some other countries do not have any limits.

Identity-Release Donations

Many patients are seeking identity-release (non-anonymous) donations, which are not widely available in clinics abroad

Any donor-conceived child in the UK can receive identifying information about their donor after they turn 18. The HFEA national donor register holds the information about all egg donors in the UK and will provide it even in cases where the treatment clinic is no longer operating by that time.

Age Limit of 55

The age limit for donor egg IVF is 54 years and 3 months.

In many other countries, fertility treatment with donor eggs cannot be offered after the age of 50. London Egg Bank has extensive experience in successful fertility treatment for patients over 50 years of age. See our experts

Success Rates

We manage the egg donation process from start to finish to ensure the highest quality of eggs. As a result of our consistent and reliable approach, many healthy babies have been born through frozen eggs. Our success rates show you our focused approach really works.

Understand our success rates
90 Grey(2)

Egg thawing survival rate

58 (1)

Cumulative pregnancy rate after one embryo transfer from a single cohort of donated eggs

70 (1)

Cumulative pregnancy rate after two embryo transfers from a single cohort of donated eggs


There are two options

After referring your patient to us, we can create, store and transport embryos for you to use with them at your own clinic. This allows you to stay in full control of the IVF process for your patients.

Step 1 – Patient introduction

Before proceeding with treatment, one of our fertility consultants will review your patient’s medical history, completed HFEA forms and semen analysis results.

Step 2 – Initial consultation & egg donor selection

Our dedicated egg donation coordinator will meet with your patient to discuss our programme. They will then be introduced to our online donor database and work with an expert to find their ideal egg donor match. 

Step 3 – Sperm sample collection

Once a suitable egg donor has been chosen, we will get in touch with you to arrange the delivery of the sperm sample. If your patient is using partner sperm, they can either send us a frozen sample or produce a fresh sample at our London Harley Street clinic on the same day as the egg is thawed.

At this point, we will need to see your patient’s recent infectious screening results. 

Step 4 – Embryo creation

Our expert team will culture embryos in a state-of-the-art laboratory. When they reach the blastocyst stage at around day five or six, any suitable embryos will be frozen and safely stored.

Step 5 – Shipment to your clinic

When you are ready to receive the viable embryos, we will transport them safely to your clinic. Our senior embryologist will keep in regular contact with both you and your patient throughout this process, keeping you up to date on the progress of the embryos while they’re in transit. 

Can we ship donor eggs directly to your clinic?

Due to varying protocols and thaw success rates, we typically do not ship our donor eggs to clinics. This is because we can’t offer the same guarantee to patients that their eggs will be treated with the expert level of care as they would in our own clinic.

For this reason, we offer an ‘embryo creation’ package where we create the embryos in our labs before shipping them to your clinic.

In exceptional circumstances, we can also consider shipping donor eggs directly to an external clinic. However, you will need to contact us to find out more about setting up this type of arrangement.

If you’d prefer to refer your patient for full treatment at one of our UK-based clinics, our team of fertility specialists would be more than happy to support them throughout their entire fertility journey.

Once referred, we will book them in for a consultation with one of our fertility consultants.

At this point, we will review factors like their age, medical history and fertility background, before performing specific scans, taking blood tests and, if a male partner is involved, analysing their semen sample.

Using this information, we can then advise them on the best type of fertility treatment plan, setting them up with our dedicated egg donation coordinator, who will introduce them to our online donor database and personalised matching service.

We also ask all patients who are considering using donor eggs to conceive to see an independent counsellor at this point, to explore all the implications involved.

After an egg donor has been chosen, they will meet with one of our nurses to complete their screening tests and provide their consent. Using sperm from either the involved male partner or a sperm donor, we fertilise the eggs in our state-of-the-art lab, before assessing their suitability to perfectly time the embryo transfer.

Once ready, most women will only have one embryo transferred to avoid the risk of multiple pregnancies. We will store any remaining embryos for future use, in case another cycle is needed or your patient would like a sibling pregnancy later on.


Before referring a patient for treatment using donor eggs, there are certain requirements that should be considered: 

For IVF with donor eggs, patients should:

  • Be under 55 years of age
  • If over 50, additional tests may be required
  • Have a BMI under 37
  • Have a uterus capable of carrying a pregnancy
  • Have a medical need for donor egg treatment

They should not have:

  • Any medical issues preventing pregnancy
What our patients say

Who are our donors?

Our egg donors are recruited from within the UK, and they have all donated eggs after passing our rigorous screening process in line with HFEA standards

Donor Screening

Our screening process ensures that they meet the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) requirements. Our donors must also pass extensive medical, genetic and psychological assessments.

We treat all our donors as individuals and offer a high level of care in recognition of their remarkable kindness. But if we look collectively at the wonderful group of women who have donated eggs to our database, we can tell you some of their common characteristics.

Donor Statistics

79% of our donors are educated to degree level or above, come from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities. Their main motivation for donating their eggs is a wish to help others, for a variety of different reasons.



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