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Traveling to the UK for Egg Donation

We've helped thousands of people to build families and we have over 30 years of expertise in donor egg IVF. We’re the only dedicated egg bank in the UK, with an extensive database of frozen donated eggs, and the leading provider of egg donation in London.


There are many reasons why you should choose donor egg IVF in the UK. Here are some that stand out:

The largest donors database

Our donors have been recruited in our UK centres and come from various backgrounds.

Their donated eggs have been cryopreserved, placed in storage and are available for immediate use. This means you don't have to synchronise your cycle with the donor’s cycle, so you can start treatment as soon as you wish. Browse our donor database

Secured UK Legislation

There is legislation within the UK which sets standards for quality and safety for all licensed fertility clinics

in the UK and donor banks regulated by a government body; the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). It's one of the best regulatory frameworks in the world, providing patients with transparent and high-quality care. We hold a license to practice which requires us to follow all HFEA legislation.

Online 24/7 Donor Database

You can choose a donor from the comfort of your own home by yourself using the non-identifiable information provided on

our online database. We provide information about their physical characteristics, medical history and also about their personality and interests. Browse our donor database

Only 10 Families Per Donor

In the UK, up to 10 families can be created from a single donor. However, it is very rare for an egg donor

in the UK to reach this number. Some other countries do not have any limits. If your child was conceived through a licensed fertility clinic in the UK, they can find information about their donor-conceived siblings from the age of 16 or above by contacting the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). 

Identity-Release Donation

The donor remains anonymous to you at the time of donation. Non-anonymity means that any child born

because of egg donation can require identifying information about their donor after they turn 18. The HFEA national donor register holds the information about all egg donors in the UK and will provide it even in cases where the treatment clinic is no longer operating by that time.

Personalised Care

We offer personalised and flexible solutions for international patients, including a multilingual team and customised

treatment plans for your circumstances. You will be assigned a personal treatment coordinator, who will organise your treatment and help you each step of the way with egg donation in London. Our team of nurses, coordinators and doctors speak multiple languages.

International and National Programme

We have a dedicated programme for egg donation in London to help patients from all around the world

and different parts of the UK to create their families. We understand the challenges of travelling abroad for fertility treatment including IVF cost in the UK and have developed a dedicated programme for international patients looking for donor egg IVF in the UK. We offer tailored solutions for your particular circumstances and try to make your journey to parenthood as smooth as possible.

Easy Process

You can prepare for your treatment in your home country and travel to London only for your embryo transfer.

We can provide you with different treatment options to minimise travelling time and fit your needs. Your consultations will be arranged online by your treatment coordinator.

High Success Rates

We have one of the highest numbers of egg freezing and thawing cycles with donor eggs in the UK.

As a dedicated egg bank, we manage the whole egg donation process to ensure the highest quality of eggs. As a result, our success rates are among the best on record, with over 90% egg survival rate after freezing and above 70% cumulative pregnancy rates per cycle. Our results demonstrate that our focused approach really works. See our success rates.

Age Limit of 55

While there's no strict age limit in the UK for IVF with donor eggs, with us age limit is 54 years old and 3 months,

so that you give birth by your 55th birthday. In many other countries, fertility treatment with donor eggs cannot be offered after the age of 50. London Egg Bank has extensive experience in successful fertility treatment for patients over 50. See our experts

Success Rates

We manage the egg donation process from start to finish to ensure the highest quality of eggs. As a result of our consistent and reliable approach, many healthy babies have been born through frozen eggs. Our success rates show you our focused approach really works.

Understand our success rates
90 Grey(2)

Egg thawing survival rate

58 (1)

Cumulative pregnancy rate after one embryo transfer from a single cohort of donated eggs

70 (1)

Cumulative pregnancy rate after two embryo transfers from a single cohort of donated eggs

How does it work?

IVF With Donor Eggs Process

For International Patients

Our friendly team will help answer initial questions and book an online consultation with one of our fertility consultants. Our doctors will review your medical history, including any treatment or investigations you’ve already had elsewhere and provide you with the best course of treatment for you. You can expect to have a scan and some blood tests, and an analysis of a semen sample in your home country if a male partner is involved.

Following your doctor's consultation, your dedicated treatment coordinator will have an online appointment with you to discuss the program and any tests that you might need. Your coordinator will also explain how to use our online donor database and help you with personalised matching.

We advise our patients who are considering donor egg IVF in the UK to speak to an independent counsellor who will explain the broader implications and will help patients to make informed decisions. You can do this with us via an online consultation.

Once you are ready to start your treatment, you will have an online consultation with our nurse to go over your consent forms, medication and treatment plan so that you know exactly what to do.

If you have a male partner, he will need to travel to the UK to provide a sperm sample or send us a frozen sperm sample.

Treatment includes donor egg fertilisation in the lab with sperm from your male partner or sperm donor. Fertilised eggs are usually cultured as embryos for five to six days and during this time are monitored using a technology named time-lapse until they reach the blastocyst stage. These embryos can then be frozen and are ready to be used when you are at the right stage of treatment.

Once your embryos are safely frozen, you will have a follow-up consultation with your doctor to discuss the next stage of treatment. For this next step, you will take hormone tablets for about 10-12 days to prepare your uterus for embryo transfer. You will have 2-3 ultrasounds in your home country to start with and then come to the UK once your uterus is nearly ready to receive an embryo.

The best embryo will be transferred under ultrasound guidance into your uterus by one of our fertility consultants using a catheter, a simple and painless process without the need for anaesthetic. You can return to your normal routine after resting for a few minutes.

In order to avoid the risks of multiple pregnancies most women only have one embryo transferred. The remaining embryos can be frozen and stored for future use if another cycle is needed or for a sibling.

Many patients like to wait at least 24 hours after embryo transfer before making the journey back home, but you can fly back home on the same day if you wish. You will be given a date to do the pregnancy test in your home country 12 days after your embryo transfer.

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you should schedule an early pregnancy scan 3 weeks later (7 weeks gestation) and provide us with the report. You will be required to continue all medications to around 12 weeks of pregnancy or until you have had the 12-week pregnancy scan

Should your test be negative you will be instructed to stop medications and we will schedule a follow-up with your consultant.


You can ask about all aspects of fertility treatment using donor eggs in the UK and discuss your case.

What our patients say

Our Dedicated Team

Dr Vendola Lighter Background

Marianne Vendola

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine. Languages: Italian, English

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Dr Bodri

Daniel Bodri, MD MSc PhD

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology. Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, Russian, intermediate Japanese

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Elena Linara

Elena Linara-Demakakou

Laboratory Manager. Languages: Greek, English

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Annabel Yazdi

Matching Manager. Languages: English, Spanish, French, basic Italian

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Patient Stories

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Carrie’s Story

“It is an expensive process, but IVF with donor eggs costs in the UK is less than half the money in America.”

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Zoe and Rick’s Story

"We chose a UK egg bank to ensure we could tell our children about their origins"

Zoe and Rick’s Story

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Charlotte’s solo journey to motherhood brought her overseas for treatment

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Anita and Richard’s Story

"I successfully used donor eggs in the UK when I was over 45"

Anita and Richard’s Story

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