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About the London Egg Bank

The London Egg Bank was opened in 2013 and soon became Britain's largest egg bank. We partner with the London Women's Clinic and provide our patients with access to the largest online database of UK-recruited egg donors. We are based on the firm foundation to encourage egg donation in this country and helping people from all walks of life have a family of their own.

At the forefront of medical advances in fertility

Working with our partners the London Women's Clinic, we can provide over 30 years experience in fertility with consultants and embryologists from all over the world. Our high-tech laboratory on Harley Street brings the most advanced technologies in donation and cryopreservation.

Pioneers in egg donation

Our work to encourage egg donation in this country and to give fertile and infertile women more opportunities to have a family, was not possible before vitrification could allow eggs to frozen without damage. Now our results show that beyond doubt that vitrified eggs when thawed are just as viable as fresh. This means that donor eggs can now be banked and that women concerned about their future fertility can preserve their eggs for later use.

Egg freezing Outcomes

Your chance of having a healthy and successful pregnancy using a fresh or frozen egg is the almost the same.

Amazing results

With over 20,000 eggs in storage, the London Egg Bank is the largest and most experienced in the UK. We have the highest recorded egg survival rates with over 90% in all age groups in the last five years and 96% in 2018.

96% Survival Rate

A personalised approach

By combining the technology of vitrification with the skills of advanced fertility treatment, the London Egg Bank is here to help women extend their fertility or treat their infertility. The solution to both lies in a vitrified egg and a personalised pathway to future fertility. You'll be in caring hands, looked after individually by an expert team who understand your concerns and take a personal interest in your progress.

Our experts

Nick Macklon

Nick Macklon

Medical Director

Professor Macklon is a world-renowned expert in reproductive medicine. He has held professorships at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, the University of Southampton and the University of Copenhagen - where he is currently based. He is co-founder of the Complete Fertility Centre clinic in Southampton, and a member of the Executive Committee of the European Society of Human Reproduction.

Shailaja Nair

Shailaja Nair

Deputy Clinical Director

Shailaja Nair is Deputy Clinical Director of the LWC and has more than 20 years experience in fertility and assisted reproduction. Before joining the LWC, she worked as Associate Professor in a large teaching hospital and at the Cromwell IVF programme. Dr Nair has extensive experience in all aspects of assisted conception, with a special interest in the egg-sharing and gamete donation programmes.

Languages: Hindi, Punjabi

Jinjun Wang

Jinjun Wang

Laboratory Manager and Senior Embryologist

Jinjun received his embryology training from the Shenzhen Hospital of Beijing University and Sydney. He has been a member of the team at LWC since 2008 and became Laboratory Manager in 2013. His objective is to maintain the high success rate of the laboratory and introduce new technologies - such as oocyte vitrification and blastomere biopsy - for the benefit of our patients.

Languages: Chinese mandarin

Kamal Ahuja

Kamal Ahuja

Scientific and Managing Director

Kamal Ahuja gained his PhD at Cambridge under the supervision of Professor Robert Edwards, which sparked his lasting interest in clinical IVF. The ethics of IVF and its cost effectiveness continue to be part of his research interests. Dr Ahuja is Chairman of Reproductive BioMedicine Online, an international medical journal, and the Scientific and Managing Director of the London Women's Clinic Group.

Mimi Arian Schad

Mimi Arian Schad

Director of Nursing and HFEA Person Responsible

Mimi Arian-Schad has been with the London Women's Clinic since 2005 and is now the Person Responsible to the HFEA and Head of Nursing in London. Mimi completed her nursing qualifications at Guy’s Hospital and is qualified as an Operating Theatre and Fertility Nurse Specialist. She is a member of the LWC's clinical governance team.

Languages: Farsi

Michael C. Summers

Michael C. Summers

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Michael Summers is a leading international specialist in infertility and assisted reproduction at the Bridge Centre. He was educated at Cambridge University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He completed a clinical fellowship in infertility and reproductive endocrinology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Michael has held high-level teaching positions on both sides of the Atlantic and practised at several leading American academic institutions and fertility centres.