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You’ve read the medical advice, but what’s it really like? Find out everything you need to know - from lifestyle to scientific research, doctors to patients - and how they can help you.

New UK law allows young people born via Egg Donation to discover donor identities

By the end of 2024, approximately 766 young people will reach 18 and have the opportunity to request identifying information about their donors, rising to nearly 11,500 by 2030.

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London Egg Bank: 10 years of pioneering progress

Mapping the Surge in Egg Donation and Egg Freezing in the UK

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The Law Commissions propose modernizing surrogacy laws

London Egg Bank warmly welcomes the new surrogacy proposals which have the potential to revolutionize the landscape of domestic surrogacy, making the process clearer, easier to understand, and smoother for all parties involved

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Patient Stories

Whatever you’re facing, there will be many other people who have gone through a similar experience. Read our inspirational patient stories from people we’ve helped through many different stages of their fertility treatment. *Photos and names changed to protect patients' identities.

Barbara’S Story

Barbara’s Story

"I would tell our donor if I could, that she has transformed a world filled with "no's," "abnormal," and "unfortunately" into a world abundant with "yes," "normal," and "heartbeat."

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Family With Two Sons

Jane’s Story

"The team provided us with gentle guiding support throughout the process. They allowed us to take things at our own pace and met us several times to talk things through."

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Richard and Emma’s Story

"Finding a clinic with caring nurses and doctors who instantly put you at ease can make the stressful and demanding journey more relaxing and reassuring."

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Mila’S Egg Donor Story

Mila’s Story

Meeting her now-boyfriend, who was adopted due to his mother's infertility, inspired Mila to want to help families facing similar struggles.

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A new collaborative platform between London Egg Bank and London Women’s Clinic, OVA provides tailored information on the latest trends and developments from leading fertility experts, and a wide range of patient stories.

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Using Donor Eggs Cta

2023 | Ova Blogs

London Women's Clinic Expansion

London Women's Clinic is poised to provide fertility care to NHS and self-funding patients throughout Kent and Sussex.

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Surrogacy Legislation
Using Donor Eggs Cta

2023 | Ova Blogs

UK Legislation on Surrogacy

Proposals set out to upgrade UK legislation on surrogacy - to the benefit of the child, the surrogate mother, and the intended parents

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Donating Eggs Cta

2021 | Ova Blogs

Donating Eggs Ova Blog

View more news & donor stories on OVA for Donating Eggs.

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