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Patient Stories

Whatever you’re facing, there will be many other people who have gone through a similar experience. Read our inspirational patient stories from people we’ve helped through many different stages of their fertility treatment. *Photos and names changed to protect patients' identities.

Patients Story Sarah Amd Mark

Sarah and Mark’s Story

The day she was born and I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, that was it. The love we had for this tiny little baby was just so overwhelming.

Patient Story Using Donor Eggs

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Advika’s Story

We reluctantly turned to donor eggs as I reached 44 and it was our final option; I’m so glad we did!

Patient Story Using Donor Eggs

Donor Maria

Maria’s story

After the first egg collection, I felt such a great sense of achievement, and since then I have gone through a further two cycles with a lot more confidence...

Patient Story Donating Eggs

Aya (1)

Aya's Story

Aya chose to freeze her eggs to give herself independent options for the future and used an instalment payment plan to fund her treatment.

Patient Story Egg Freezing

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London Egg Bank Blog

You’ve read the medical advice, but what’s it really like? Find out everything you need to know - from lifestyle to scientific research, doctors to patients - and how they can help you.

Egg donor anonymity enters a new phase in 2023

Donor-conceived people reaching 18 this year will be the first to benefit from a 2005 legal change that will allow them to gain access to more identifiable donor information.

Blog Donating Eggs

Why is an Anti-Müllerian hormone important

Before you start any kind of fertility treatment, or if you’re planning to freeze your eggs, it’s important to understand your likely chances of success. Checking AMH levels before you start gives us some indication of the outcome of the cycle, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

Blog Fertility

Will the baby feel like mine?

One of our most frequently asked questions about using donors eggs is, 'Will the baby feel like mine'? Previous patients share their donor egg story and give insight into what the journey is like.

Blog Using Donor Eggs


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