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Success Rates

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Since London Egg Bank was established in 2014, we have consistently delivered some of the highest success rates in the UK in multiple age groups and for a range of treatments from egg donation to egg freezing.


We continue to pioneer new treatments and support an active research programme that drives innovation and clinical excellence.

Our success and expertise in egg freezing meant that in 2017 we became the only egg bank in the country focusing exclusively on frozen egg donation treatments. So far in our laboratories, we have frozen more than 30,000 eggs and thawed more than 16,000 - the largest number in the UK.

Graph success rates of IVF with donor eggs

In a published large study from London Egg Bank involving 559 consecutive recipients of frozen-thawed donor eggs (2017 – 2019), we have reported a cumulative live birth rates exceeded 60%.

Altogether almost 1000 babies have been born from the use of frozen donor and own eggs at London Egg Bank (as per July 2021).

In almost all circumstances we only transfer one embryo in each treatment cycle. We are confident that transferring just one embryo will not compromise your chance of pregnancy and will reduce the risks to you and your baby from multiple pregnancies. Our goal is to give you the highest chance of success with the lowest associated risk.

Egg recipients pregnancy rate by age group


Our overall cumulative pregnancy rate from a single cohort of donated eggs is 70% after two embryo transfers. See table below.

Table about overall cumulative pregnancy rate after two embryo transfers

For further clarity, please note that a proportion (10-15%) of these pregnancies will not lead to successful deliveries. Therefore based on our current data the overall live birth rate will be nearer to 60%. 

Embryos remaining in storage after first embryo transfer


You can choose to have egg donation treatment with a cohort of six or ten frozen eggs selected from our online data bank. If you already know that you would like to have a larger family, we advise you to select the option of ten eggs.

However, regardless of the number of eggs ordered, there is a small (5-6%) chance that your embryo transfer will be cancelled because of failed embryo development.

If you select a cohort of six eggs, the average number of viable embryos we would expect to create is two or three. With a cohort of ten eggs, that average increases to three or four. Please note that the average number of embryos per cohort of eggs has been calculated based on data from our patients going through treatment between 2017 - 2021.

Between 2017 - 2021 over 83% of our recipients retained surplus embryos for further treatments in future.

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