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Egg Freezing Event

Interested in finding out more on Egg Freezing? Join us at our event on 11th of May in Harrow to find out more, and take control of your fertility future.

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Creating life, fulfilling dreams

Thinking about freezing your eggs for the future or donating your eggs to give the gift of life to another family? The London Egg Bank is with you every step of the way.


Help another woman create a family of her own.

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Donate and preserve your eggs for free.

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Protect your future fertility.

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Stories from our patients

Find out what it’s like to be an egg donor, or why some women choose to freeze eggs.

Emma’s story

Emma writes about her egg donation journey

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Sarah’s story

Sarah shares every aspect of her egg donation experience

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Ali’s egg freezing story

Ali tells us about her egg freezing journey which led to her beautiful twins.

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Meet London Egg Bank Donor Recruitment Coordinator

Meet one of our amazing Donor Recruitment Coordinators Dominika Kwiatkowska – Dominika has been working in our donor bank for 4 years and during her career has met thousands of potential donors. Dominika lives in North London and works in our London Bridge clinic. She has a super approachable personality and is passionate about travelling, so far she has visited almost 30 countries and counting. In London she loves spending time outdoors.

We asked Dominika what her job involves and what it is like to work in a donor bank and assist egg donors throughout the donation process.

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5 myths about egg donation

Egg donation is getting more coverage in the media, but not all the information available is true or applicable to every situation. Women need to use egg donors for a variety of different reasons, such as having had treatment for cancer or premature menopause as well as older maternal age or to avoid passing on genetic conditions.

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