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Understand Your Fertility

Take a first step to understanding your fertility. This simple three-step assessment gives both yourself and your consultant a clear picture of your current fertility status, helping you make informed decisions and plan for your future.

Why Do I Need A Fertility Health Check?

Many women aren’t aware of their fertility status until they have a problem, and by then options may be limited. We encourage all women to be informed about their own fertility from an early age, to allow them to keep their options open as long as possible. When you fully understand your current situation, you can make informed decisions about your options.


1 General health check

A pelvic ultrasound scan and an AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) blood test to assess ovarian reserve and check for any problems.

2 Discover your options

We’ll outline your options based on the health check results in an individual consultation. We’ll help you plan for future decisions, like when to try for a baby or the best time to freeze your eggs. We will also tell you if you are suitable to join our Freeze and Share programme.

3 Is egg freezing right for you?

Based on your test results, age, and family medical history, our consultant will tell you how many eggs we’re likely to collect and how many eggs we’d recommend you store for a future successful pregnancy.


The Fertility Health Check

The Fertility Health check includes a personal consultation with a fertility expert, fertility hormone testing, ultrasound, and an individualised plan for your egg freezing treatment. The results of these tests will give you a realistic picture of your current fertility health, and will also help you understand whether you are a good candidate for Freeze and Share programme.

The AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) blood test provides an accurate indication of how many eggs you have available - your ovarian reserve. This tells us how you are likely to respond to hormone stimulation drugs for egg collection and freezing.

A transvaginal pelvic ultrasound scan checks your uterus, ovaries and follicles and allows us to assess your overall reproductive health. We look at the development of your uterine lining, blood supply and check if any polyps, fibroids or cysts may affect your fertility. Your visible follicles will be counted to give a further indication of your current ovarian reserve (antral follicle count).

One of our consultants will assess your fertility status by considering your tests results and taking into account your medical and family history and lifestyle. Based on these results you can discuss your options and what’s best for you.

Sometimes an additional counselling session is helpful if you wish to discuss your options in more detail, or if your results were not what you were expecting. This extra support is provided by a large team of independent counsellors and coaches, and can provide you with more time to talk through your options.

The results of the Fertility Health Check are designed to help you form a complete picture of your current fertility heath status, and to give you the information you need to feel more in control as you plan for your future.


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Freeze your eggs


Egg freezing is a way of preserving your eggs. They stay the same age as when they were frozen, while you get on with your life until you’re ready to start a family.

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Get Started

You set the pace. We’re here for you when you’re ready to start.

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