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Why Become an Egg Donor?

Egg donation is a kind and generous act which helps other people create a family. This wouldn’t be possible without you, the donor. With one in six couples in the UK affected by infertility problems, you can be proud that you are helping someone overcome these problems and be satisfied that you are making a real difference.

Help a family
fulfill their dream

compensation per cycle

Free fertility
and genetic tests


Egg donors need to meet the following criteria set out by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) and London Egg Bank:

You should be:

  • Between 18-35 years of age
  • A non-smoker
  • Healthy with a BMI between 18-29
  • An ovarian reserve within the normal range

You shouldn’t have:

  • Personal or family history of inheritable diseases
  • Untreated polycystic ovarian disease


When you donate your eggs you give a meaningful gift that has the potential to change lives and create families. And by offering you the highest standards of care, there are benefits for you:

As part of the donor screening process, you’ll receive a full fertility assessment along with genetic tests, free of charge. You’ll be given a detailed picture of your fertility health, which gives valuable insight into how you might manage your own fertility in the future.

Egg donation is an altruistic act, and whilst we understand you aren’t looking for payment, we do ensure you’re covered for any expenses you incur while taking the time to donate. We pay you £750 for each egg donation cycle that you complete, which is processed quickly on the day of your treatment.

In recognition of your kindness to others in need, our care for you extends well beyond the donation itself. You’ll receive a reproductive health check after one year, including a lifestyle and reproductive health review questionnaire, ovarian reserve testing (AMH, AFC), a medical review and related reproductive advice.

Being proud to be an egg donor and openly talking about your experiences will encourage other women to consider egg donation, helping to break down the stigmas sometimes associated with infertility and donation.

When infertility problems such as age, poor egg quality, or medical treatment prevent women from conceiving with their own eggs, donor eggs provide their only opportunity for pregnancy and child-birth. By choosing to donate you are expanding the lives of others as well as your own.

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Donate Your Eggs

Give someone a chance to build the family of their dreams. Be part of something bigger – your generosity will make a real difference.

How does it work?

The Egg Donation Process

You’ll meet our friendly egg donation coordinator who will explain the whole egg donation process and review your suitability.

You’ll be invited along to the clinic for a fertility assessment with one of our consultants, which involves a blood test and a pelvic ultrasound scan. This will help us assess your current fertility health and plan your personalised egg donation cycle.

After seeing the consultant, your coordinator will talk you through a number of consent forms, go through the medication that you’ll need for the cycle and arrange for our counsellor to talk to you to make sure you fully understand all aspects of the programme.

From the start of your cycle our egg donation team will guide you through the process and arrange scan appointments to closely monitor your response to the stimulation medication you’ll administer over a span of two weeks. During this time, you'll need approximately 3- 4 scans to monitor your progress and adjust your medication if needed.

Once scans show that you’re ready, we’ll collect your eggs in a safe and painless procedure that takes about 30 minutes. You should be fine to return home after an hour and get back to your normal life. A review consultation will be booked with your consultant after a couple of weeks and you can choose to enrol in our Donor Welfare Programme.

What our patients say

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We built London Egg Bank to promote egg donation and expand fertility choices.

You can trust us

Put your trust in the most experienced egg bank in the UK. Our medical team have over 20 years’ experience in fertility, and our highly-qualified specialists will give you the very best care.
We comply with all regulations of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), giving you reassurance about our high standards.
We are trusted by thousands of women who have joined our donor programme, with more than 3,000 successfully meeting our criteria. Our donors come from a wide diversity of backgrounds, and every one is driven by a desire to help others. 

Fast & flexible programme

We are one of the biggest and most experienced frozen egg banks in Europe, which means we offer far more than a typical egg donor programme.

So, as a donor, you can complete your donation cycle in just a couple of weeks and be immediately compensated. Our concentration on frozen egg donation means you can donate without delay. In contrast, a fresh cycle egg donor must wait to be matched with a recipient and their treatments synchronised, which can take up to six months.

Our focus is on you

You are our number one priority. We take thorough care of our donors and make sure they have a personalised, rewarding experience.

From the start you’ll meet with one of our experienced egg donation coordinators, who’ll guide you through our simple egg donation process. Every donor is assessed individually for suitability, and we support you throughout this process, with flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends, and support wherever it’s needed.


Patient Stories

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Kate's Story

After watching my cousin struggle to conceive I knew donating eggs was the right path for me.

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Patient Stories


Have questions about egg donation process?

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We want you to be happy and confident with your decision to donate eggs, and our personalised approach ensures you'll be fully supported.

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