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The miracle of becoming a parent is something you never get over. When I looked at my son the day he was born, I fell in love immediately. I donated my eggs to London Egg Bank because I want other people who wish to be parents to be able to have that same experience that I was lucky to have with my son.

I chose London Egg Bank because when I researched it, they had the most positive reviews from donors and those wishing to become parents. Getting in touch with them, they seemed the most caring and genuine people who would help me to do what I wanted.

My egg donation journey was actually pretty straightforward. There are numerous calls with a care coordinator who books you for your appointments and walks through everything for you. This explained everything I needed to know and set my expectations for the path ahead.

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“Personally, I found the process to be incredibly easy, I was looked after so well and spoken to like a friend instead of a patient. I really appreciated the support of everyone involved.”

You’re then sent for testing, so blood tests for genetics, urine samples for any infections, height and weight recorded and internal scans to check your ovaries. If all is well and good, you’ll be contacted once again to prepare for medication and taught how to administer it - these are daily injections which aren’t as scary as they sound!

Then you arrive at the procedure for the egg donation, and it’s such a calm and relaxing environment you have zero nerves. The procedure itself was under sedation so I have no clue what happened - but when I came around, I was told I had successfully donated 16 eggs and was allowed to go home an hour later. It was an amazing experience.

Personally, I found the process to be incredibly easy, I was looked after so well and spoken to like a friend instead of a patient. I really appreciated the support of everyone involved.

As well as donating my eggs, I discovered that my fertility is a lot better than I had previously been told. A few years earlier I’d been told I was infertile, then two years ago I had my own child naturally, and now I’m here donating my eggs.

Things can always change and I’m proof of that.

I’m open to the idea that any donor-conceived children in the future might come to me with questions. Egg donation is no longer anonymous, so if you’re not open to the idea of someone dropping you an email in a few years I think this probably isn’t for you.

I’ve told everyone I know that I’ve donated eggs, mostly because there’s a shortage of donors currently, so I think that the more people know about it, the more people will consider signing up for themselves.

The best advice I can give is to sign up! You’ve got nothing to lose, and it’s a win-win situation for you. You find out about your genetics and fertility status, and you’re compensated for your time, and in return, there’s the potential that you can help create multiple families.

Could you become an Egg donor? Make a real difference to another woman’s life. Your generous gift will give another woman the chance of having a family of her own

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