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What is the 2-cycle package?

The 2-cycle package is our most comprehensive package for treatment with donor eggs. It has a few unique features designed to increase your chances of success.

One of those features is having access to a curated list of donors with proven results who match your preferences.

The 2-cycle package also ensures you are entitled to eggs from a 2nd donor if treatment with the first one is not successful. In these cases, the 2-cycle package is £3,500 cheaper than doing two separate IVF cycles with 6 donor eggs. The package also covers all embryo transfers (normally £2,750 per transfer) until you have a baby.

Finally, with the 2-cycle package, you are entitled to a £11,000 refund if you do not have a live birth after using all the eggs and embryos of the 2 donors, which is a unique feature of this package.


Benefits and requirements:

  • Unlimited embryo transfers (fresh and frozen)
  • Patients aged 49 and under
  • Subject to medical review
  • Up to 2 donor egg allocations (6 frozen donor eggs per cycle)
  • 50% refund if you don't have a baby


Egg donation treatment 2-cycle package £22,000

The 2-cycle package with donor eggs has a total cost of £22,000 and includes:

    • Up to two allocations of 6 donor eggs
    • Personalised matching service to donors with proven results
    • Monitoring scans
    • Clinical advice
    • Preparation and culture of eggs and sperm
    • ICSI
    • Extended (5-day) embryo culture to blastocyst stage
    • Time-lapse monitoring of embryos
    • Unlimited embryo transfers (fresh and frozen)
    • Embryo glue
    • HCG pregnancy blood test
    • Viability pregnancy scan or review consultation in the event of a negative outcome
    • Embryo cryopreservation (if applicable)
    • Embryo storage for 1 year (if applicable)

The 2-cycle package step-by-step

The first step of the package will be a doctor’s review of your medical history. Based on this, the doctor will decide if you are eligible for the 2-cycle package.

If you are, you will have a telephone/video call with your matching coordinator to talk about the package and what you are looking for in a donor.

Your matching coordinator will send you a curated list of donor options that best match your preferences and whose frozen eggs have had good results before. You will select 1 donor from the list of options provided to you.

Once you select your donor and let us know your decision, we will email you to confirm your order. At this stage, you will need to pay the London Egg Bank fee of £10,500 to secure your eggs.

Once you have signed your donor consent forms and made the payment, you will be allocated 6 frozen eggs from your selected donor for your treatment. Then, before you start your treatment you will be asked to pay the remaining treatment fee of £11,500.

Once the payment is received, you will be ready to start treatment. We will liaise with your clinic (within our partner clinics) and the embryology team to ensure your treatment goes ahead smoothly.

You will create embryos with your first donor and have embryo transfers to try for a baby.

In the unfortunate event that you do not have a baby after all the eggs and embryos from your first donor are used, we will repeat the process from step 2 onwards with a second donor.

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