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We have specialised in recruiting Asian egg donors for over 30 years, helping patients build their families through IVF with donor eggs. As the only dedicated egg bank in the UK, we offer a large database of frozen donated eggs from Asian donors, making us the leading provider of IVF with donor eggs.

Looking for an Asian Egg Donor in the UK?

Our online database holds over 200 profiles, including many Asian donors, giving you the best chance to find the perfect match and start your family plans right away.

Personalised Matching

Our matching team will assist you in finding exactly what you're looking for in an Asian egg donor, considering your specific requirements and providing comprehensive information about each Asian donor in our database.

Rigorous Recruitment Process

We prioritize the highest standards of care and quality, conducting a rigorous recruitment process for our Asian egg donors in the UK to ensure they meet HFEA standards and are fully dedicated to our program.

Cultural Sensitivity

Our experienced and culturally sensitive team understands the unique significance of factors specific to Asian families, such as family history and regional background, ensuring personalized care throughout your journey.

The Largest Egg Donor Database

With around 100 profiles with Asian backgrounds recruited in 2022 alone, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, and Indian egg donors, we offer the largest selection of available frozen eggs, giving you the best chance to find your perfect match.

Easy Process

Our process is easy and convenient, providing you with 24/7 access to our extensive egg bank in the UK. We do not have a waiting list for Indian egg donors or Asian egg donors, allowing you to select your donor and begin treatment without delays.

What our patients say

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Find Your Donor

Start your journey with London Egg Bank and let us help you create the family you've been dreaming of.

Find your perfect match among our diverse range of UK-recruited Asian egg donors.  

Success Rates

Our dedicated management of the egg donation process ensures the highest quality of eggs, leading to the birth of many healthy babies. Our success rates reflect our focused approach and proven results.

Understand our success rates
90 Grey(2)

Egg thawing survival rate

58 (1)

Pregnancy rate after one embryo transfer from a single cohort of donated eggs

70 (1)

Cumulative pregnancy rate after two embryo transfers from a single cohort of donated eggs

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