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5 myths about egg donation

18th Feb 2019
Egg donation

Egg donation is getting more coverage in the media, but not all the information available is true or applicable to every situation. Women need to use egg donors for a variety of different reasons, such as having had treatment for cancer or premature menopause as well as older maternal age or to avoid passing on genetic conditions.

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Let’s talk about period pain – could you have endometriosis?

22nd Jan 2019
Women Health

In the UK, around 1.5 million women have endometriosis. In practical terms, that is 1 in 10 women having debilitating pain during their period. Could you or someone you know be one of these women?


Top 10 tasty food to boost the health of your ovaries and eggs.

14th Jan 2019

Is it even possible to improve the quality of your eggs? There are many factors that could influence the quality of your eggs. You are born with all the eggs you have in your lifetime, but what we call "egg quality" is not actually a fixed thing—as the egg develops before ovulation, it's affected by outside factors. Therefore simple lifestyle changes and a healthy diet could improve quality of your eggs.

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13 reasons for spotting

23rd Dec 2018
Women Health

You think your period is over, you grab a new pair of knickers and then when you least expect it... There it is, only few spots, but enough to ruin your mood! It happens to many of us but discarded underwear aside, most times spotting is nothing to worry about.


Everything you need to know about donating your eggs

31st Oct 2018
Egg donation

If you are thinking about donating your eggs, you might be asking yourself if you would qualify and if the clinic even want to hear from you. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the one common trait in every one of our egg donors is their altruism and kindness, so if you’re thinking about egg donation you’re already half way there.