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13 reasons for spotting between periods

You think your period is over, you grab a new pair of knickers and then when you least expect it... There it is, only few spots, but enough to ruin your mood! It happens to many of us but discarded underwear aside, most times spotting is nothing to worry about.
However, it is useful to know what may be normal spotting and when may be time to see your GP, so read on to find out about the potential reasons for spotting.

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Your menstrual cycle explained

How well do you think you know what exactly happens during you cycle? Not that well? In that case read on, this blog post is for you!

Most women know that their period comes from the breaking down and shedding of their uterine lining, if they didn’t get pregnant that month. However, most women don’t know exactly how or why it happens. This is in part because periods have been a taboo in our society for so long. Given that they are something that will happen to half of the world’s population at some point in their life, it is time to break the taboo, don’t you agree?

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Let’s talk about period pain – could you have endometriosis?

In the UK, around 1.5 million women suffer from endometriosis. In practical terms, that is 1 in 10 women having debilitating pain during their period. Could you or someone you know be one of these women?

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What is the role of the recruiter?

At the London Egg Bank we have a team of friendly recruiters who oversee the donor journey from the beginning to the end i.e. from the donor’s first point of contact after initial enquiry, to...

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5 myths about egg donation

Egg donation is getting more coverage in the media but not all the information available is true or applicable to every situation.  Women need to use egg donors for a variety of different reasons...

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Everything you need to know about donating your eggs

If you are thinking about donating your eggs you might want to know what characteristics the London Egg Bank prize above all else. You might be asking yourself if you would qualify and if the clinic even want to hear from you.

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Empower Other Women By Donating Your Eggs?

There are many reasons women might require donor eggs and how your donation could help. Sometimes a 

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Why Egg Donors Are The Unsung Heroines Of Hollywood

There are few stories that spread quicker in the news than the announcement of a baby being born to a popular celebrity – and with female superstars in the spotlight more than 

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Why Motive Makes An Egg Donor

It takes a single Google search of ‘what makes a good egg donor?’ to direct you to pages about the relevancy of physical and mental aptitude when considering becoming an egg donor.

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What makes a great egg donor?

The girls that join our donation programme are just like you.  Our egg donors are from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and ethnicities and with many different outlooks.  What they do have in common is their desire to help others.

The 7 signs you’d make a great egg donor:

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AMH, Ovarian Reserve and Egg Donation

Among the many tests performed to determine your suitability to becoming an egg donor, there is a blood test that measures the levels of AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone). Why do we care about your AMH levels? 

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My Egg Donation Story

"I've always known that I want children, but being only 18 that was something I wasn't considering to act on until a lot further in the future.

I couldn't imagine the thought of not being able to have a child, so when I saw the advert to be an egg donor on Facebook, I signed up immediately.  I would like to share my egg donation story so that anyone else wishing to donate can find out what  the programme was like from a donors point of view."

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Top 10 Yummy Foods To Boost Egg Health

Considering becoming an egg donor? Here are some tasty ways to improve your egg health

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A Donors Personal Account of Egg Donation at The London Egg Bank

Being an egg donor at The London Egg Bank was an amazing experience and I am happy to tell you why.

The first contact with the clinic was very easy and the team was very welcoming. I met Toyin, the person responsible for donor recruitment at the London Egg Bank; she explained the process to me in great detail, the risks and the consequences of an egg donation. We filled a long health questionnaire together that required lots of thinking and remembering as it focused on my medical history and my relatives, so make sure you have a  coffee beforehand! When it was done, I was given a paper for the lab next door and went for a first blood test. The pleasant thing about the process is that it is very well organized. Each time I went to the lab to give blood or urine samples, I never had to explain who I was or why I was there. It’s very easy, I just had to hand in the paper I had been given at the clinic and that was it........

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Will I become a Mum by donating my eggs- am I giving away my babies?

Scientifically a baby is created only once an egg and sperm is fertilised forming an embryo.  Once this embryo fully develops and matures a baby is created. 

As an egg donor you will be donating an egg in its unfertilized form, and thus not donating a “child”.  Any child born as a result of your donations will only have half of your genetic makeup; the other half will come from the recipient’s partner or from a sperm donor. Egg donation, therefore, unlike adoption, means that the recipient couple still has a strong genetic link with the child.

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Do something different in 2015

Altruism—including kindness, generosity, and compassion—are keys to the social connections that are so important to our happiness. Research finds that acts of kindness—especially spontaneous, out-of-the ordinary ones—can boost happiness in the person doing the good deed.

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My egg donation experience

I had never really thought about egg donation before until a friend of mine advised she couldn't naturally conceive, me being a very empathetic person it sat on my mind for days.... What would she do? How will she have the chance of being a mother one day? Could I help?

After much research I found that I actually could make a difference to someone's life as I'm sure someone will help my friend one day when she decides the time is right. For now I wanted to help someone. I called The London Egg Bank and was put through to Toyin who deals with potential donors. After a few questions were exchanged on the phone we made an appointment to meet for a medical background and characteristic check. I came off the phone feeling great about it. I’d already made that step towards enriching someone's life with parenthood. It only got better from there.

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My egg donation story

I think the ability to conceive is often taken for granted; the progression into parenthood is seen a natural rite of passage and an integral part of our functionality as humans, our resolute purpose. When you stop and think what if? That's when it feels as though there's suddenly a void, as though you've been robbed.

............I'll soon be able to know whether or not anyone has successfully used my eggs and I'm so excited! I understand that some people have moral issues with it because you're giving away your genetic material but in reality the woman that receives your egg is the real mother to that child. She gives your donation warmth and food and love to change your egg into a baby. I'd recommend it to anyone considering it; it's a small inconvenience for the opportunity to change someone's life.

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