London Egg Bank's donor welfare programme

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Giving you the care you deserve for your kindness


At the London Egg Bank, we’re dedicated to promoting egg donation and helping people from all walks of life build families of their own.

But we recognise we wouldn’t be here at all without our donors.

Donors understand the potential they have to expand other people’s lives as well as their own, and in return for this remarkable kindness, we offer the highest standards of care.

With many years experience of working with donors, we offer a personalised experience from the first contact to long after the conclusion of the donation process.

We want donors to feel supported every step of the way, in their physical and mental wellbeing.

With the launch of our Donor Welfare Programme, we are extending our donor care even further.

The aim of the programme is to:

  • Improve your experience as a donor and recognise the value of your decision to donate
  • To provide additional care and advice regarding your own family planning
  • To extend the reach of our duty of care well beyond the completion of the donor process

“We want donors to feel supported every step of the way, in their physical and mental wellbeing"

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Enrolling in the donor welfare programme


All of our donors are offered the option to enrol in the Donor Welfare Programme. If you choose to enrol, you will receive a reproductive health check one year after your donation is completed.

This will include:

  • A lifestyle and a reproductive health review questionnaire
  • Ovarian reserve testing (AMH and AFC levels)
  • A medical review
  • A counselling session and advice in relation to your own family plans

Follow-up care


Most of our donors are reassured by the health check and discover nothing unexpected. However, if there are any findings of concern, we will offer you further support as needed.

Follow up actions might include a repeat test of the ovarian reserve to confirm findings, further implications advice and counselling, or referral to gynaecological care services for further investigation and treatment if needed.

By offering this fully comprehensive programme, we continue to build on our experience as the UK’s only dedicated egg bank, with the largest number of egg freezing cycles in the country.

We know that taking thorough care of our donors makes sense to everyone, and we understand how important it is that egg donation proves a valuable experience.

Give someone the chance to build the family of their dreams

Be part of something bigger - your generosity will make a real difference

Dominika Kwiatkowska


Dominika Kwiatkowska

Donor Care Manager

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