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We had gone through several failed IVF cycles for years. I wanted my child to have a sibling. The idea of using a donor was unthinkable in the beginning, but after years and years of trying, it was the only option to extend our family.

Why we decided to have IVF with donor eggs in the UK

I had undergone the donor process in the US, which was not only extremely expensive but also time-consuming and cumbersome. In the UK, egg donors can’t donate for money; it has to be altruistic. You also don’t get to see the donor's photos. We made our decision based on our donor’s written profile and similar characteristics and physical attributes.

It is an expensive process, but IVF with donor eggs costs in the UK less than half the money (taking into account the exchange rate) than in America. The approach was less process-driven but rather a common-sense approach.

From the moment I called London Egg Bank, the response time was very quick, and the process was explained in detail with no pressure. It was left for us to reach out for questions, and decisions were to be made on our own with no persuasion. I liked that very much.

The process of egg donation in London was simpler, more affordable, and less stressful. But for me, it was an emotional journey because we wanted another baby and were worried that we would never get there. If this did not work, we were going to give up. All our hopes and dreams were pinned on this clinic. 

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"Donating your eggs without financial incentives in a world that is financially driven is remarkable" 

Love at first sight

When I saw my baby, it was love at first sight, and I did not feel any different when I held my biological child. My baby is mine in all senses of the word. I see no difference in raising a child conceived with donor eggs. We are planning to tell my child the details of their conception but have not yet decided when.

I am eternally grateful to have our baby in our lives

I would tell our donor if I could: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your generosity is immeasurable. Donating your eggs without financial incentives in a world that is financially driven is remarkable.”

If you are thinking about using donor eggs in the UK, I would tell you that you will not regret your decision. From the moment I knew I was pregnant to every day since, I count my blessings, and I am eternally grateful to have our baby in our lives.

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