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We have over 30 years of expertise in helping people build their families through egg donation. We’re the only dedicated egg bank in the UK, with a large database of donors, and the leading clinic for IVF with donor eggs. 

Find your Egg Donor

A wide range of UK-recruited donors available immediately

  • You can choose your own donor based on various criteria, including physical characteristics, ethnicity, hobbies, personality, and faith.
  • New donors are added weekly.
  • We have regular uploads of all the major ethnicities, including difficult-to-find East Asian, South Asian, or Afro-Caribbean ethnicities.
  • Our donors are all UK-recruited by our dedicated team, which means:
    • They adhere to strict HFEA screening guidelines and traceability.
    • Our comprehensive process involves our team personally getting to know and assessing each donor.
    • Our donors are altruistic, as monetary remuneration beyond a small compensation fee is prohibited in the UK.

This sets us apart from many other UK clinics that rely on importing eggs from third-party countries or have long waiting lists for donor eggs.

We also guarantee matching within 4 weeks for specific ethnicities or demands.

This means that at the age of 18, the child can access identifying information about the donor, such as their name and contact details. ID-release egg donations are widely recognized as being in the best interest of the future child by promoting access to important medical information, supporting identity formation, facilitating closure and understanding, fostering healthy family dynamics, and respecting the child's autonomy and right to make informed choices about their genetic heritage.

London Egg Bank is the sole dedicated egg donation clinic in the UK, offering specialized and extensive expertise in this field. In collaboration with our sister clinic, London Women’s Clinic, a prominent fertility center in the UK, we deliver IVF with donor egg and embryo creation services, with top-of-the-line success rates and no waiting times. With clinics situated in multiple locations across the UK, we ensure convenient access to our services.

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Get Started

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