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We have over 30 years of expertise in helping people build their families through egg donation. We’re the only dedicated egg bank in the UK, with a large database of donors, and the leading clinic for IVF with donor eggs. 

Find your Egg Donor

We match you with an egg donor in 4 weeks guaranteed

There is no need to wait, as we have frozen eggs available for all donor profiles published on our site, and we upload new donors to the database every week. If you need any help with your search, we have a dedicated matching team who can assist you with your selection and offer photo matching.
Some banks and individual fertility clinics import frozen eggs from a third-party, or overseas clinics. There has been a large influx from eastern European countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Cyprus, where many people become involved in selecting, screening, verifying donor IDs, retrievals, freezing, and shipments. All our donors at London Egg Bank are recruited in the UK by us, we know all our donors personally and we guarantee donor care, safety and transparent screening.

With us you can start your treatment immediately. There is no need to wait, all eggs available on our online donor database are screened, frozen and ready to be immediately allocated after your purchase. We add new donors to our database every week and you can subscribe to be alerted when new profiles have been added. However, every day you have more than 150 donors available from a variety of backgrounds, as we have the largest donor database in the UK. If you need any help with your search, we offer a personalised matching service.

Some donor types are difficult to find, and we do our best to recruit donors from those specific ethnicities or groups. To maximize your chances, you can subscribe to our database updates, and you will be the first to know when someone who fits your criteria becomes available. These profiles will be in high demand and our database works on first come first served basis.

We regularly work with patients who are based abroad. Our consultants and patient treatment coordinators arrange virtual appointments with them to plan and prepare their treatment. We often work with their local ultrasound centre, so they only need to come to our clinic for their embryo transfer. We can schedule a free consultation with one of our multilingual patient coordinators. 

As one of the leading fertility clinics in the UK with top-of-the-range success rates, we provide the whole donor egg treatment, with no waiting time
Following a consultation with one of our doctors, you will have access to our online database of more than 150 accepted donors whose frozen eggs are immediately available, who come from a wide range of backgrounds. If you need any help with your search, we have a dedicated matching team who can assist you.

Get Started

Get Started

You set the pace. We’re here for you when you’re ready to start.

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