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Eggs Freezing Cta

In his commentary Mapping the Surge in Egg Donation and Egg Freezing in the UK, published by online news service BioNews, Managing Director of London Women's Clinic Dr Kamal Ahuja discusses the remarkable advancements London Egg Bank has made to egg freezing and egg donation in the UK over the past decade.

London Egg Bank leads the way in adopting advanced cryopreservation technology and boasts the UK’s largest range of frozen eggs from in-house recruited egg donors - which are immediately available for treatment. This transformation has not only shifted attitudes but has also expanded reproductive choices, making assisted reproduction more accessible and reliable for families across the UK.

These developments mark a significant milestone in the field of fertility treatment, with egg freezing and vitrification playing pivotal roles in shaping the future of assisted reproduction.

Read the full article, ‘Mapping the Surge in Egg Donation and Egg Freezing in the UK’, to gain more insight into how progressive cryopreservation technology has helped advance fertility services in the UK.


Dr Ahuja
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