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I’ve never wanted my own children and have always seen my period as more of an inconvenience than anything else. It felt wrong to know that there are women out there who would give anything to be in my position, so it felt right to give them the opportunity to have their own family.

I did a quick search, and the London Egg Bank was the top result. They also had a clinic not far from me, so it worked out really well.

The egg donation process took a little while since it was my first time. There was a few months' waiting period for scans and blood results. But once everything came back, the hormone stimulation to egg collection happened quickly. It has been incredibly easy to do and my egg donor experience was very smooth. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and informative. I felt well taken care of, and my well-being was their top priority. I would donate again without hesitation. The only thing worth mentioning is that I seem to be really fertile. I had 20 follicles that could have been used, and they collected 22 eggs, which I was told is higher than average.

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“My experience donating eggs with London Egg Bank was very nice: I felt well taken care of, and my well-being was their top priority.”

I have no issue with a donor-conceived child contacting me when they turn 18. In fact, it makes me want to donate my eggs again even more. I love the idea of someone reaching out and wanting to know more about where they came from. My family and friends were all very supportive of my egg donor story. Their only concern was the possibility of a child contacting me, and they wanted to make sure I was happy with my decision and could handle the knowledge that I might have someone in the world who is genetically related to me.

If you are thinking of donating your eggs, make sure you can dedicate the time that the process deserves and read donor egg stories to find out more. You can't choose when you donate since it depends entirely on your body's menstrual cycle. So, you need to have a schedule that allows you to attend all your appointments. If you can do that, I absolutely recommend it. There's a truly special feeling when you're in the waiting room, knowing that any one of the other people there could start a family because of you.

Could you become an Egg donor? Make a real difference to another woman’s life. Your generous gift will give another woman the chance of having a family of her own

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