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Lauren’s Story: Lauren’s early menopause meant her only option to have children was through egg donation

I’d always thought that children would be a big part of my life, so when I discovered I was facing early menopause that desire for children didn’t go away, but I knew I was going to need support. As I hadn’t stored any of my own eggs before early menopause surprised me, using donor eggs was my only option.

When it came to choosing a suitable donor, I looked at education level, and at other characteristics that would more or less match myself. Being able to search the database online and match the characteristics that mattered to us meant we were able to take our time and really think about what we were looking for in a donor. The pen portraits of the donors helped us picture each woman and consider how closely matched to me they might be.      

Using Donor Eggs Cta

If I could tell my donor anything, I would thank her with all my heart for doing this and tell her she changed my life forever.

I had a very pleasant egg donation journey, even though it wasn’t easy to pick a donor. We had lots of support and all the information we needed, and we got there in the end. It’s not a very easy decision to make, but we are so happy with the outcome.

Every day is a new discovery and a new adventure, and definitely being a mother will be the best feeling you will ever have. When my daughter was born, I bonded with her immediately, it was such an amazing end to what was a challenging journey. I can’t see how I could have loved her anymore if she had been conceived with my own eggs – to us there was no difference.

When my daughter is old enough to understand, we are planning to tell her how she was conceived, to show her how much she was wanted and how happy we are that she is our daughter. Apart from making sure that she is comfortable with her story, we don’t plan to do anything differently, and we wouldn’t raise her any other way.

We think of our donor with gratitude, she gave us the possibility of finally being a family. I thank her with all my heart for doing this and changing our lives forever.

If other people are thinking about starting out on the egg donation journey, I would say be brave. After our experience I believe they will never regret making that decision.

*In order to protect our patients’ privacy we change their names and use royalty-free images for our stories.     

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